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Are you thinking of selling your property?

From evaluation to signing at the notary’s office, including marketing and the various forms,
Selling your home is a complex process that involves several elements to consider and coordinate.

We will be at your side to simplify and support you during all these steps.


When you visit your property for the appraisal, we will offer you multiple tips to increase its value and appeal to potential buyers.

Marketing of the product

Thanks to our vast network of clients and collaborators, your property will benefit from a wide visibility that reaches hundreds of potential buyers every day.


We will facilitate all the steps until the acceptance and fulfilment of the conditions of a promise to purchase that meets your requirements.


We will always be at your side even after the sale of your property and the signing of the deed of sale at the notary.


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Photographer specialized in real estate

We promote your property with an image quality that attracts attention and sells faster. Our photographer uses a series of specialized techniques to present your property from its best angles.

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Videographer specialized in real estate

The virtual tour allows buyers to project themselves to the interior of the property and to better represent the space than with photos.

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Home Staging Service

With this service, we seek to eliminate all reasons why a potential buyer would not make an offer to purchase your property. The best elements of your home will be put forward to increase its appeal to potential buyers.

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Digital Tools

The majority of buyers store on the web. Our online marketing partner uses the popular AdWords service in searches and uses retargeting (remarketing) and geo-location to display your property to targeted buyers.

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Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, thanks to social media, our brokers are able to respond 7 days a week. Several multimedia tools linked to our website are available for consultation and sharing among users. With a form placed directly on your property page, our broker is immediately notified and can respond quickly to any potential buyer.

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Traditional Media

Your property and its features will be illustrated in brochures, in Publisacs and on door hangers distributed in selected neighbourhoods.

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The mailing of real estate cardboard is an efficient solution to reach thousands of people in a given sector. News of your property being put up for sale will spread very quickly.

We use all these tools to prepare a marketing strategy adapted to your situation in order to obtain the best results.

To support you throughout your steps!

The seller’s guide is a useful checklist full of relevant information on the road to selling a residential property with a real estate broker.

Download the GUIDE !